KU Full-tuition International Excellence Awards in USA, 2021

KU Full-tuition International Excellence Awards in USA

Overview of KU:

  • More than 28,000 students across five campuses with 345,000 KU alumni worldwide
  • Over 1,600 international students representing over 110 countries
  • Member of the prestigious Association of American Universities
  • Online classes available for students affected by COVID restrictions
  • Hundreds of undergraduate and graduate degree programs


KU offers a range of scholarships for international undergraduate first-year and transfer students. All scholarships are renewable each year and range from $3,000/year to a full tuition waiver valued at $100,000+ ($25,000+/year).

Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible for a scholarship, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Be admitted to KU as a new student (must apply to be admitted)
  • Be seeking a degree at KU
  • Meet the GPA requirements for the scholarship

All admitted first-year students with a 3.25 or higher GPA receive a $3,000-$9,000 per year renewable scholarship.

See the Scholarships for First-Year Students section below for details.

Students may also apply for additional scholarships below. Scholarships from KU International Admissions may not be combined. Students are only awarded the highest scholarship that they receive, but they may be able to receive additional scholarships from their academic unit at KU.

KU international students may take online classes and programs from wherever they are to start achieving their academic goals without delay and then transition to on-campus study later.

Taking Online Classes

KU has hundreds of high-quality online course options that include both academic and English language courses, starting at all English proficiency levels.  Classes are AAU-accredited and taught by the same world-class faculty as on-campus who have expertise in online teaching and learning.

KU’s virtual support services allow students to access tutoring and writing resources as well as meet with academic advisors to ensure online success. KU’s expert immigration advisors will provide the support you need to transition to on-campus study when the time is right.

Start Online, Finish on Campus

As many students are still unable to study in the United States due to circumstances related to COVID-19, KU is offering options for students to begin studies online and then transition to on-campus study after one or two semesters.

Students enroll in online classes and begin studying remotely for 1-2 semesters. Then, students transition to on-campus classes at a later semester depending on their academic coursework and COVID-19 related restrictions.

For most undergraduate majors, you can take up to a year of classes online that will fulfill your KU degree requirements. After 1-2 semesters online, students will need to transition to study on campus to complete the rest of their degree.

Example Online Class Schedules

Special Tuition Price for Online Bridge Program

If you are a new incoming freshman planning to study one of the majors in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, you may be eligible to take up to two semesters fully online through the College Online Bridge Program.

Students pay a flat rate of $398 per credit hour ($1,194/ 3-credit hour course) which is about 55% less than the standard tuition cost for an international student.

Learn More Here

Flexible Class Format

Many online classes are available in an accelerated 8-week format and typically do not require you to log in for a class at a specific time.

Other online classes, such as classes commonly taken in the first year are offered in a full semester format and may require that you log in at a specific time. Your advisor will help you know what classes you can take online and discuss the format of the class with you.

To learn about KU’s online learning technology requirements, visit What’s Needed to Study Online?

English Classes Online

Students that test into intensive English courses may take them online to maintain a standard degree progression.

Learn more about online intensive English courses.

Visa and Documentation Guidance

If you are studying fully online from home, you will not need a visa until you transition to on-campus study. KU immigration advisors will work with students on necessary immigration documents and visa guidance when making this transition to studying on campus.

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